Arebueng Saense! Lets Talk Science!

To work on this project, a commmunity focused science centre for marginalized communities in Rustenburg, South Africa, we formed a diverse and multidisciplinary team. We used workshops with local stakeholders to develop the project’s design. These workshops provided an opportunity to challenge our ideas and suppositions by presenting the project to future users of the science centre.


Taking into consideration the collaborative nature of this project, and with the ambition of creating a more interactive relationship between the design team and local stakeholders and collaborators, the team explored numerous collaborative design methodologies. In the end, the team decided on develop and utilize a card game concept, where the cards would synthesize the research and also provide an opportunity for play and discussion.



Full-time unpaid work in the DET Lab with Professor Aziza Chaouni – University of Toronto, Summer 2014 (from May 1st to August 15th for 40 hours/week).

Position of Research and Designer Assistant on the design development phase of a design-built project that included a community center and ecotourism accommodations for an AGO in Rustenburg, South Africa.

The Project

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Among Us Pavillion - Plan

Composed of a checkerboard pattern of interior exhibition spaces and gardens, the Among Us Pavilion explores the issues of things that surround us including ecology, agriculture, and society. 11 gardens, representing the 7 bioregions of Rustenburg and the 4 main agricultural products of the North West Province invite users to consider issues of ecology and agroindustry, reflecting on the coexistence of man-made and natural landscapes.