Graduation Project

The proposal consisted in the construction of 4 buildings and the renovation of the adjacent public area in the North Local Commerce area (CLN 105) in Brasília, Brazil. 

The blocks are connected 2 by 2 with a total of 38 stores in the ground floor and 84 units for apartments or offices in the first and second floors, in addition to the underground garage and rooftop with recreation area and photovoltaic system.


The intervention aims to improve the potential of use of the area without affecting the existing activities and values, which are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, by improving the eating and resting areas, accessibility, and visibility to the stores in a manner of rehabilitating the Local Commerce area of the city and creating the grounds for a contemporary development and growth.


The underground stores were replaced by 2 floors of garage connecting the four buildings. For the solar protection of the units and stores, a retractable brise-soleil system was developed, besides cross ventilation in all units; intervention in the local street to create a continuous accessible sidewalk throughout the entire complex and a bus stop. The micro public plazas between the buildings were created as attraction zones to the local neighborhood while also serving as seating for locals and visitors seeking a moment of respite, aspiring to carve a small yet more positive urban space.

North Local Commerce

Professor: Eduardo Rossetti

Duration: 1 Year (1-2/2016)



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